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A Bloom student won 1rst place in a Physics Competition

Updated: May 8

Our student won at the Federal Physics Competition in Tuzla! Through this interview, we would like to congratulate him once again and inspire other students to follow his example - when you find what you love, victories will come by themselves!

How was your love of physics born?

My love for physics started when I was 11 years old, after I read my first physics book. My father works in physics - he is a static engineer - which piqued my interest even more.

A few days ago you were at the Federal Physics Competition in Tuzla, where you won first place. Did you expect such a ranking?

I didn't expect to get first place, it didn't seem realistic, the tasks are quite complex because it's currently the highest level that can be reached. The competition was good, I had high expectations, but not so high that I would win so many points. But it happened! I won first place.

Do you consider physics your hobby or is it something more than that?

Physics is not a hobby, I see it as my future career. I like physics, it relaxes me while I do it.

What was the role of the teacher and the school you attend in finding this love for physics?

I am lucky to have a physics teacher who cares about me, inspires me and motivates me to keep going. Bloom gives me more freedom and creativity, which for me was a new and better approach to learning.

What are your plans for the future?

In the near future, I plan to participate in the national competition in physics, and then the international one, which I am especially looking forward to.

More about Ismail Sanicic

Horoscope sign: Leo

Hobbies: Chess and reading

Music: Rock 60s - 90s

Favorite song: "I want it all", Queens

Favorite series: "Cosmos", Carl Sagan

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