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Bloom principal Nina Bulajić

Dear Bloom visitors

I became a school psychologist because I wanted to contribute to holding space and supporting future generations during the first steps of their lives. Since joining Bloom in 2017, I have learned that this work extends to accompanying the entire community surrounding our students. My intention is to be the bridge that connects all members of our community, big and small.

I look forward to connecting with you.

Nina Bulajić,
Principal, School Psychologist
& Montessori practitioner

My Story

My career path has given me the privilege of observing and participation in two approaches to education: traditional and Montessori. Working in a public school enriched me with diverse experiences of working with children, parents and teachers; but also made me face challenges when it comes to prejudices about the role of psychologists in preserving mental health.

 These experiences have shown me that changes need to be made in our educational system.


Bloom became and remains my choice for many reasons; the most important one being freedom - the freedom to work and live my calling to its fullest capacity as well as being part of the change.


Through my work, I have the opportunity to redefine the roles of school psychologist and school principal and to create healthy, organically developed relationships with students, parents and teachers. I am pulled to grow and develop with them myself, professionally and personally, on a daily basis.


At Bloom, we are focused on creating relationships of trust, mutual understanding and respect, through constructive dialogue. Days at our school are a reflection of real life - lots of ups and downs; challenges and successes; happiness, sadness and, disappointments... But at the end of the day, what remains and motivates us is the sense of fulfilment that arises when we witness a child's victories and transformation over time.


We hope that you and your children will become part of the beautiful Bloom story and join us in creating a better education for future generations.

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