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Bloom privatna Montesori škola u Sarajevu


Grades 1-6

"Help me to learn it myself"


Between the ages of 6 and 12, children strive to achieve intellectual independence. This is the most dynamic growth period in a child’s life.


Hands-on materials are used to teach new concepts, following the curriculum of Canton Sarajevo. Curriculum areas are integrated to satisfy their curiosity and their thirst for detail and exploration. We continue to promote the freedom of choosing how to work; and students set daily and weekly goals to fulfil their increasing need for personal responsibility and independence.


Grades 7-9

"Don't tell me what to do."

Between the ages of 12 and 15, children strive to achieve social independence. 

At Bloom, we help them complete this stage of development by supporting their focus on global community, and creating a learning environment in which they can explore social justice, heroes and role models, personal dignity, belonging.


They continue to follow the curriculum of Canton Sarajevo. Our approach is developmentally–focused and tailored to meet the intellectual, social, emotional, and physical needs of adolescents. It teaches students to think for themselves and develop logical reasoning, research skills and higher-order thinking skills. Youth are enabled to learn how to apply their knowledge.


Students have large blocks of time to work without interruption. The schedule for group activities is flexible and allows the teachers to set aside the amount of time most appropriate for given activities. Using this approach, students continue to learn how to prioritise, pace themselves, and take responsibility for their work.

Bloom private Montessori school in Sarajevo

What are the needs and sensitivities of children at this age?

At this age, children experience a major shift from how does this work? to why are things like this?

Independence is no longer about doing things for themselves, but rather in thinking for themselves. 


Children become socially aware and develop a strong desire to belong to a group. 


Social-emotional role models shift from adults to peers.

Spirituality is explored through exposure to all religions and the search for universal values,and children are encouraged to develop an understanding of cooperation and peace.

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Morality and Justice





Children develop a reasoning mind, and they enjoy creative thinking, group discussion of critical questions, and in-depth research.

Bloom private Montessori school in Sarajevo


abstraction, imagination, morality and justice, culture, peer interaction

FOCUS on local community 

(family, friends)


intellectual independence

social independence

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