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Learning at Bloom



Q: What is the primary language of instruction at Bloom?

At Bloom, English is the main language of instruction, and Bosnian is considered a primary secondary language. Our staff members are well-versed in both English and Bosnian, thus creating a comfortable learning environment for children who might be learning one of the two. Bloom's students are given the option to learn either German or French as their secondary language.

Q: What curriculum does Bloom follow?

Bloom teaches the official Sarajevo Canton curriculum using the Montessori approach. You can learn more about the Montessori approach here.

Q: What is an individual learning approach?

Bloom is set up in a way so that every student can advance through the curriculum at their own pace. A typical day at Bloom comprises three-hour learning sessions referred to as "work cycles" (following the Montessori tradition), with breaks for lunch and outside time. Within these work cycles, students engage in both group presentations with their teachers and individual work.


This approach benefits all students, keeping those who learn quickly engaged by letting them advance at their own pace, and allowing others who might need more time and support from their teachers to get the help they need and not get discouraged.


If a child has a particular fascination with a subject, like mathematics, they have the freedom to concentrate on that subject if they choose to.

Q: What time does school begin and end for Bloom students?

There are slight variations in the schedule for each age group, but as a general rule our students are at school from 08:00 to 16:00 everyday.

Q: Does Bloom provide after-school care?

No, Bloom does not provide after-school care.

Q: Does Bloom accept 1-year-old babies in Children's House?

Bloom does not accept children younger than 2,5  years old.

Q: Does Bloom accept students at the high school level?

Unfortunately, Bloom is no longer accepting students at the high school level.

Q: Where can I find information about Bloom's tuition fees?

If you are interested in learning about our fees, please don't hesitate to call us at +387 33 207 899 or contact our office manager Elvira by email at

Q: Is food included in the tuition fees?

Yes! Our tuition fees cover food expenses. At Bloom, all students receive both morning and afternoon snacks, along with a nutritious lunch crafted from organic, locally-sourced ingredients. Our daily menu is defined by nutritionist Amela Ivković O'Reilly, and prepared by Bloom's two wonderful full time cooks. 

Bloom is HACCP certified for food safety. This means we follow strict procedures to ensure safe food handling.

Q: Is transport included in the tuition fees?

No. However, Bloom has had a stable partnership with the transport company Start d.o.o. for many years. Parents should contact Start d.o.o directly to learn about their services. You can obtain the company's contact details by calling us at +387 33207899 or writing our office manager Elvira at

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