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Bloom Nutrition

At Bloom, we believe that being conscious of how food and drink affects our bodies is important. We want our students to understand the relationship between food, health and optimal learning.

Many children consume at least half of their meals at school, which is why we advocate for food choices support their development.


We offer a wide selection of fresh foods from the main food groups - fruits, vegetables, cereals, lean meat, fish, poultry.

Our students have access to quality clean drinking water at any time of the day thanks to the water filters installed on the sinks in each classroom.

Bloom Montesori privatna škola u Sarajevu
Bloom Montesori privatna škola u Sarajevu

Bloom prepares a weekly menu for students, which consists of a morning snack, lunch and afternoon snack.

All meals are created in accordance with WHO guidelines for a healthy diet, which help to introduce students to the benefits of a healthy diet.

In addition, in the process of creating a "healthy eating plate," Bloom follows important parameters recommended by Harvard Medical School.

Our desire is to inspire our students to lead a healthy life and to help them apply their knowledge by creating an environment where healthy choices are possible.

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