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Bloom Earth

At Bloom, we believe that cultivating a strong awareness and relationship with nature supports the holistic development of the human being.

Bloom Montessori school in Sarajevo

Bloom is located in Hrid (Sarajevo, Stari Grad) at the base of mountain Trebević; just above the notorious winter smog and only 5 minutes away from the banks of the Miljacka River.


Our school is surrounded by an ancient cherry tree forest filled with buried streams and sources of water. Over the last couple of years, we have been slowly rehabilitating the land as a community: clearing away invasive species, creating communal spaces in nature, and sustainably growing produce. Trebević's mostly untouched landscape has also proved to be a favourable terrain for our bee farm, positioned just down the road. 

Bloom osnovna Montesori škola u Sarajevu
Bloom osnovna Montesori škola u Sarajevu
Bloom Montessori school in Sarajevo

Students from every age learn from hands on experience about the art of garden cultivation and management, the practice of farming, including the cultivation of the soil for the growing of crops. This allows the child to witness first hand the workings of mother nature and the amazing process of life, creation and destruction.

They are also introduced to the science of planting, managing and caring for forests. Landscaping projects teach them about: preserving nature; conserving natural resources; creating secure, purposeful, comfortable and visually appealing environments; understanding the limitations of a lot; preserving the natural feel; and creating coherence between nature and man-made elements.


These projects also offer the students many opportunities to work with wood and other materials; repairing and building elements that will support the environment.

Bloom Montessori school in Sarajevo

These hands on experiences are not separate from the official curriculum of the school. Rather, they are opportunities for teachers to connect the subjects within the curriculum and offer students a concrete experience of abstract concepts. Teaching staff is trained to use the earth school activities and set-up in order to bring knowledge alive.


Our ultimate goal is to offer an exceptional environment in which the individuals of our community can experience a unique process of self-discovery through active engagement with the Earth and each other. This in turn will assist them in developing their full human potential and in becoming creative contributing members of society, with respect for the environment, others and themselves.


Bloom Earth is not a subject within our curriculum. Nor is it a project. It is a philosophy that is woven into our curriculum and everyday routine whereby our students are constantly engaged in experiential learning that builds their connection with the Earth.

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