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Tatjana Milišić, former Bloom Parent

“Bloom promotes diversity, friendship, kindness and curiosity. It is a rare Sarajevo school where bullying, homophobia, sexism and similar anomalies are actively unacceptable. There is open communication between parents and teachers and everything is discussed regularly - so parents are involved as much as they want.

Bloom raised our awareness of the importance of mental health and well-being. As parents, we were actively involved in the educational process of our children. The children never felt stressed about starting school – it shaped their confidence and their curious approach to learning to this day, and hopefully forever.

What surprised us the most about Bloom was the sincere openness to discuss everything and to accept and value everyone's opinion.

The teachers are very warm and supportive; something new and different was always happening; and there is a lot of art and color! The school plays were truly exceptional – especially Hiawatha. "

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