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Nicole Gallant, Bloom Parent

"When we arrived in Sarajevo in 2017 with children aged 6 and 10, many things were completely new to us. New language, new city and new school.

From the moment they walked through the door on the first day of school, our children were warmly welcomed by teachers and students. By the end of the day, they returned home excited about new friends, a new way of learning and an atmosphere that made them feel at home at school.

Over the past 4 years, Bloom has become a second home for our family. A Bosnian school with an international spirit, Bloom has far exceeded our expectations and understanding of what a school can and should be.

Our children have experienced growth in many ways. Of course, they grew academically, physically and creatively. They became independent and curious students. More importantly, they have grown emotionally and spiritually into adolescents who understand themselves, their relationship to others, and their place in the world.

Bloom teachers and administration work tirelessly to support the whole child, especially including children's mental and emotional health. As for us adults, we had the great pleasure of developing relationships with dozens of other parents from Bosnia and beyond. Our ability to thrive as a family is, without a doubt, the result of the safe space for growth that Bloom has provided for all of us.

We cannot recommend Bloom enough. We encourage everyone to explore this unique and innovative approach to holistic education.”

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