Preschool (3-6 years of age)

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The teachers were very sensitive with recognizing his strengths and weaknesses and supported him whenever needed. They gave him a lot of time to explore the classroom and to get in contact with the Montessori materials. Our son learned his first words and sentences in English and Bosnian from the teachers. We were deeply impressed by their regular and professional progress reports. Our son was very well prepared for the change over to the Children House class after two years in the Transition class.

Former Bloom parents, Heike Link and Clemens Zvacek, Germany

Preschool application

Education should not limit itself to seeking new methods for a mostly arid transmission of knowledge: its aim must be to give the necessary aid to human development. This world, marvellous in its power, needs a ‘new man.’ It is therefore the life of man and his values that must be considered. If ‘the formation of man’ becomes the basis of education, then the coordination of all schools from infancy to maturity, from nursery to university, arises as a first necessity.

Dr. Maria Montessori

Preschool teaching and learning

Children must grow not only in the body but in the spirit, and the mother longs to follow the mysterious spiritual journey of the beloved one who tomorrow will be the intelligent, divine creation, man.

Dr. Maria Montessori

The classrooms

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